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Egon Selby

The Flopsy Project - Part 1

2010, Cut vinyl typography, digital prints, 85"w x 78"h

Some of my best memories come from centering life around what the Earth has provided for us – not only to keep us alive but to have an opportunity to create experiences that elevate our very existence.

Living in the city, our consciousness has been shifted away from the source, from the farm – from raising and caring for animals and then taking their lives to provide for ours. Our quest is to address what it means to reconnect – to be more in control of our choices and how this decision will inform our lives and surroundings moving into the future.

This experiment strives for a fundamental shift in psychology; in a sense, to go back to what is real – to stop participating in the corporate extravaganza – to stop being implicated in the lack of consideration for the very place that sustains our lives.


Egon Selby - The Flopsy Project - Part 1

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