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Adam Shirley


Untitled (steel drawing 14), 2009, Steel, 20"w x 16"h; Untitled (steel drawing 23), 2010, Steel, 13"w x 10"h; Untitled (steel drawing 13), 2009, Steel, 11"w x 17"h; Interior (steel drawing 25), 2010, Steel, 33"w x 21"h; Buildout, Steel, 11"w x 8"h x 4"d; Flatform 3, Steel, 15"w x 6"h x .75"d; Potential, 2010, Steel, 8"w x 8"h x .75"d

My recent work is an investigation into the relationships that exist between two- and three-dimensional objects, material and scale. The work exists in a seemingly nascent state, somewhere between a thought or idea and the process of transformation into physical form. My intent in the work is to create objects that do not readily define what they are as much as question what they could be.


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