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Kathryn O’Halloran


2011, Ink on paper and ceramic, Drawing: 10"w x 12"h, pyramid: 20"w x 20"h

I have always been interested in an aesthetic that conjures both past and future, the real and the fantastical. I have been heavily influenced by the writings of Borges, Marquez, Lorca, and Calvino. Their stories bridge gaps between prehuman and present day experience, implying a search to understand some basic truths and complexities about our existence.

Haruki Murakami writes of parallel universes, and of the people who pass between them – often because of some personal loss or searching. I like to think about these subterranean spaces as netherworlds of the mind and the heart. I have been driven by the questions that this literature asks, but does not answer. Big questions like why are we the way we are? I want to make sense of the senseless.

Kathryn O’Halloran - Untitled

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