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Elly Smallwood


2011, Acrylic on canvas, 48"w x 48"h

While it once filled me with fear, the potential and freedom of a blank canvas now thrills me with anticipation. Although it was never a conscious decision, the body slowly became the subject of my paintings as they explore concepts of femininity, innocence and the relationship between the female body and the media. The faces of my figures are obscured or in some cases obliterated, a destruction of the innocence implicit in their postures. The creation of these paintings is fast, raw and uncontrolled, done without thought for the final result. This allows unconscious desires and emotions to assert themselves through the paint, resulting in a kind of self analysis.

I aim to break down my own personal boundaries and push myself to use abandon when I would normally use caution, to destroy those marks which I begin to hold as precious. These pieces are an exploration of the innocent and the grotesque; delicate figures become unnerving and soft colors are smeared across figures. In my works I see a twisted view of self, an odd, visceral representation of how I view femininity, particularly in regards to my own body.


Elly Smallwood - Untitled

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