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Song Yi Song


2008, Mixed media on masonite, 72"w x 48"h

Life is painful… if the Truth isn’t there for guidance.

Most people pursue happiness in life, but it seems to be ephemeral. Many believed and believe stability will make life happier. Therefore, we live in a society where the abundance has never flowed this much. Unfortunately, the richness does not necessarily generate happiness. People still suffer. The more the world develops, the more there is chaos. In this postmodern society, the term “absolute Truth” is pushed out, not knowing how it affects the insight of a being in this painful and misdirected world. It is the nature of human beings to pursue the Truth. The process of pursuing strengthens the insight of self. That explains why our interest is mostly focused on meditation these days.

Painting, for me, is the very means to ruminate on the messages of the Bible in a greater depth. My works are very intimate moments with God. This is how I pursue the Truth. During these hours of painting, scratching, layering, mixing, and adding colors, repeating these simple procedures, I have to humble myself and continuously pray so that I may be able to paint the insight and feelings that God has given me through canvas.

My paintings invite the questions to viewers and to myself: What is important in life? What are we running after? Is what we are living for worth our life?


Song Yi Song - Underneath

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