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Scott Stibich

Blindsided (frames 1-10)

lenticular prints, cardboard, 2014, 100"w x 21"h x 2.5"d

I am working to present film’s ability to immerse viewers in a mental space other than their own. Viewers can momentarily assume the role of the characters and allow the emotive tone to take them away. The transition between the perceived reality of film and the actual material conditions suggests an alternate perspective in a given moment. Perhaps in this transitional space, we can find a deeper understanding of various situations. I indulge in cartoon imagery and humor with bright and playful colors. These indulgences are an attempt to disguise an underlying feeling of apathy toward my day-to-day life, the need to perform, the subtleties of social competition and the feeling that what I do should be some type of contribution.


Scott Stibich - Blindsided (frames 1-10)

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