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Dan Streeting

Memories of the Future #30

2010, 35mm photography, MDF, 24"w x 37"h

This is one in a series of 33 photographs following a helmeted motorcycle rider as he wanders through an abandoned landscape, beginning in rural areas, moving through suburban and commercial environments, and ending in an urban setting, full of abandoned storefronts and boarded-up property. This parallels a tour through a series of interventions into nature over time, from the planting of trees and strip malls to the decay of derelict urban environments past their prime, on their way to being reclaimed by the wilderness. The journey folds in on itself, becoming a psycho-geographic journey through a subjective past from the perspective of an outsider, an explorer, emerging from nature, reaching the center of the City, peering in at the suggestion of forgotten stories, crumbled landmarks, and short-lived human events juxtaposed against the timelessness of space.


Dan Streeting - Memories of the Future #30

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