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Chris Ulrich

Folded Perception

2010, Latex paint, acrylic paint, canvas, 20"w x 20"h

I have always been interested in what lies beneath the surface. When one investigates events that go on in the world, sometimes the most benign stories can turn out to be something so much more interesting. As a result, when it comes to my work I try to explore what a painting has to offer beyond the two dimensional surface illusion. I try to use the language of painting in a way that goes beyond just the plane that exists between the edges of the frame. Instead, I create a plane that both extends and retreats in space, allowing the viewer to experience what is on, below and behind the canvas strata. I create paintings that cause a sense of discovery and curiosity in the fluidity of paint in the three-dimensional world.

Chris Ulrich - Folded Perception

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