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Erin Yuasa

Functions of Compromise Study

2010, Stoneware, rubber coated steel, 6"w x 12"h x 6"d (each)

My childhood perception of the physical world was the sense of a nearly endless variety of spaces populated by endless varieties of objects in endless configurations where form and function evolved themselves, independent of human intention. I saw (what I know now as) man-made spaces and objects as not much different from the “natural wonders” of the spectacular outdoor environment of the place I happened to be born into. As humans and human interaction have ever increasingly populated my consciousness of the world, the reassuring certainties of my visible and tangible object-world have been challenged by the nebulous and mysterious workings of the intangible realm of social contact. Exploring our common understandings and individual views of objects is one method I employto mediate my experiences with others. These pieces are among a series of studies exploring function and compromise through the intermediary place tools, toys, structure and play can create for collaborative invention and sharing.

Erin Yuasa - Functions of Compromise Study

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