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Nicole G.L. Wilson


digital print, 2014, 27.25"w x 19.25"h

The human technological footprint has left no part of the natural environment untouched. As our technological understanding grows, human tasks become less demanding physically and mentally. There is an increased interest in creating perfect replicas of life that allow us to enjoy an enhanced reality. I am interested in the way people exchange older, slightly inconvenient ways for modern convenience and comfort. Our exploration of robotic mimicry leads to a sense of destruction suggested by a technologically enhanced environment while also creating desire. I combine 3D and 2D animations with hand-drawn and found imagery. The manmade objects are animated to move like elements found in nature, contrary to their original functions. These animations help to create a dialogue between the technology we use and the future of natural landscapes.

Nicole G.L. Wilson - Dreamscape

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