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Yehjean Yang

Danderose I

acrylic, 2009, 7.4"w x 4"h

What is beautiful to one person may not be to another. Nevertheless, everything in life has its own beauty—take roses and dandelions. A rose is bought to say I love you; a dandelion is plucked and discarded. A rose has a rich maroon dye; a dandelion wears a heavy yellow coat. A rose blows a sweet aroma; a dandelion blows its achenes. A rose loses its bloom quickly; dandelions brighten a countryside with their strong colour on a hot summer day. The beauty of roses cannot be used to devalue the beauty of dandelions and vice versa. Danderose I comprises a large rose created by small dandelions. The rose is the obvious beauty, while the dandelions represent a less obvious beauty.

Yehjean Yang - Danderose I

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