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Yiying Zou

The Endo-Iso Migration

2012, Graphite and charcoal on paper, 44"w x 30"h

My work is an exploration of parallel universes, multiple dimensions, alternate realities and other planes of existence. I begin by twisting paper into Möbius strips and abstract shapes, creating small sculptures which I then sketch from various perspectives. I add modified scientific diagrams and geometric shapes, forming the basic compositions for my drawings. Forms emerge, suggesting landscapes, vegetation, clouds, architectural structures and man-made systems. They merge to create other-worldly environments that can be interpreted as self-contained universes. Our accepted ideas about time, space, scale and dimension are examined, muddled, disputed; their meanings are taken apart and reconfigured in unexpected ways. Questions are asked——how does one move through such a world where our earthly logic does not seem to apply? And what would one’s existence in such a place be like?

Yiying Zou - The Endo-Iso Migration

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