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Ghazaleh Baniahmad

BFA 2016


fabrics, photo transfer, 2015, 50"w x 50"h

A korsi is a traditional Persian table with a heater beneath it and blankets thrown over it. Another tradition is the Chehel Tikkeh (40 Pieces), a handmade blanket that women would make for their daughters or granddaughters about to be married. I wanted to make my own Chehel Tikkeh imbued with all my good memories from home. It includes images of those I miss, those I lost, the path that made us immigrate and the path of life from birth to death. I sewed approximately 150 images together with one line in each row to represent the path. Sewing was interesting; it made me feel like chewing and digesting all those memories all over again. It was an act that was at once violent and obsessive, caring and sensitive.

Ghazaleh Baniahmad
 - 40-TIKKEH

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